2009 Systemics and Informatics World Network (SIWN 2009)


Leipzig, Germany, 23-25 March 2009


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The 2nd International Conference on Industrial Informatics and Systems Engineering (IISE 2009)


Leipzig, Germany, 23-25 March 2009



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There has been an important trend that systems in industries have become more and more large-scale and computer- and network-enabled. The behaviors of industrial systems became increasingly complex. Systems Engineering viewpoints and methodologies are desperately needed to tackle issues, for example, system assessment, testing and metrics of performance and long term effects, the intricate relationships between systems and their environments including emergent interactions among system components, and the couplings between systems software and hardware infrastructures. In order to address these challenges, knowledge how to master these complexities is required. Especially, distributed knowledge, its embodiment within the environment, for example by multi-agent systems, and the mastering of the dynamic interactions of these distributed knowledge items will be in the main focus of IISE 2009. Accordingly, system developments and evaluations have to include new criteria, for example, robustness, evolvability, dependability, engineerability, etc.


The IISE 2009 conference aims at providing an international forum for the researchers and practitioners in the related subject areas to exchange research results, experiences, as well as the visions of the future and the scientific and practical problems that challenge the current problems of industrial informatics and systems engineering.


Important Dates

05 January 2009    Submission of manuscripts

31 January 2009        Notification of acceptance

15 February 2009      Camera-Ready Version (CRV) due

23-25 March 2009     Conferences

Submission & Publication

online submission IISE 2009


Instructions on Manuscripts & Publication

Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to) the followings.


(1) Systems Methodology: Engineering, Testing and Evaluations (Metrics)


- component-based system design

- computer-based systems architectures

- computer-based systems infrastructure (tools, environments)

- design evolution

- distributed systems design

- hardware/software co-design, co-testing

- integration engineering

- lifecycle processes and process evolution

- model-based system development

- modeling and analysis of computer-based systems

- product-families models and architectures

- reengineering & reuse of computer-based systems

- reliability, safety, dependability, security of computer-based systems

- requirements elicitation and analysis of computer-based systems

- system assessment, testing and metrics of computer-based systems

- system of systems: architectures, methodology, applications

- verification & validation of computer-based systems


(2) Embedded Systems


- distributed embedded systems

- embedded systems applications, e.g., intelligent vehicle / train / ship / aircraft on-board control systems; intelligent transport / traffic systems

- embedded systems middleware

- embedded systems operating systems

- networked embedded systems

- real-time embedded systems

- system on a chip, MEMS


(3) Industrial Process / Manufacturing Systems Engineering


- concurrent engineering

- distributed manufacturing systems

- holonic / multi-agent / agile/ intelligent manufacturing systems

- industrial applications of multi-agent systems, multi-agent frameworks of process industries (e.g., chemical, bio-chemical, petro-chemical, refinery, etc.)

- intelligent production systems

- inventory management and optimization

- manufacturing control and automation

- manufacturing execution systems

- manufacturing systems integration

- manufacturing systems modeling and simulations

- process control and automation

- process faults detection, diagnosis, and tolerant control

- process modeling and simulations

- process monitoring,  supervisory control

- process optimization

- process systems modeling and simulation

- production planning and control

- recycling and industrial eco-environments

- safety control systems

- shop floor scheduling, jobs scheduling, routing

- virtual manufacturing


(4) Automation Technology


- computer aided design / production

- computer integrated manufacturing systems

- computer supported cooperative work

- decentralized control systems

- discrete-event and hybrid systems modeling and control

- distributed product management

- factory automation

- hierarchical control systems

- human-in-the-loop control systems

- industrial applications of intelligent systems

- intelligent automation

- intelligent control

- intelligent optimization

- man-machine cooperative systems, multi-media support

- mechatronics, robotics, robotic control

- real-time decision and control algorithms

- robust control

- software intensive automation systems

- workflow management


(5) Industrial Communications and Networks


- automation networks, virtual automation networks

- fieldbus, factory field communications

- industrial communications architectures and protocols

- industrial Ethernet

- industrial internet technologies

- industrial local area networks

- industrial network security

- industrial wireless communications and networks

- mobile communications security

- privacy and security in industrial information systems


(6) Intelligent Distributed Automation


- computer-supported collaborative work in distributed automation

- grid computing for distributed automation

- distributed intelligence in industrial and manufacturing automation

- fundamentals and architectures of distributed automation

- industrial applications of multi-agent systems

- holonic manufacturing systems

- multi-agent collaboration and coordination for distributed automation

- semantic webs, ontology in distributed automation

- service-oriented architectures of distributed automation

- system-of-systems architectures and engineering for distributed automation


Technical Program Chair


Prof. Dr. Hans Czap

University of Trier

Business Information Systems I

54286 Trier, Germany

Tel.: ++49 201 2859

Fax.: ++49 201 3959



International Technical Committee