2010 Systemics and Informatics World Network (SIWN 2010)


Chongqing, China, 12-14 July 2010




























The 1st International Conference on Business Technology and Enterprise Systems (BTES 2010)


Chongqing, China, 12-14 July 2010



Call for Papers (PDF   Doc  TXT)


Information Technologies in their broad sense have been profoundly changing the ways, the processes and the philosophies of businesses. Adaptive business applications support processes whose workflows, user interfaces and business rules often change. The need for these dynamic applications is greater now than ever before and business systems in every perspective, management, workflow, information, infrastructure, etc. are evolving themselves towards being autonomic, adaptive, self-managing, self-organizing, and so forth. Emerging technologies such business rules management systems, complex event processing engines, event-driven business process management tools, corporate semantic web technologies, etc. are now gaining increasing momentum as they promise enhanced adaptive and agility capabilities to businesses, in order to sense unexpected environmental changes and to respond to business opportunities or to avoid business risks that turn up in a turbulent and quickly changing business environment.


Important Dates (New!)

9 April 2010    Submission of manuscripts

30 April 2010      Notification of acceptance

28 May 2010      Camera-Ready Version (CRV) due

12-14 July 2010     Conferences

Submission & Publication

Instructions on Manuscripts & Publication

Topics of particular interest include (but not limited to) the followings.


(1) Enterprise Information / Management Systems


- business process integration

- business process management

- agile business process management

- event-driven business process management

- business rules and rule-based approaches for the business

- enterprise resource planning

- corporate semantic web

- enterprise workflow management

- inventory / warehouse management

- management information systems

- manufacturing resource planning

- material requirement planning

- product data management

- product life cycle management

- production and operation management

- production planning and control

- total quality management

- business / IT service management and governance


(2) Business Collaboration


- business coalition

- business partnership

- coalition formation

- collaborative e-business

- agent-based e-business

- enterprise federation

- enterprise integration

- global enterprise

- global information systems

- inter-enterprise transaction and workflow management

- inter-organizational systems

- corporate semantic web collaboration systems

- knowledge network and management

- virtual / networked enterprises

- workflow interoperation


(3) Supply Chains and Logistics


- cooperation of supply chains

- coordination / optimization in supply chains

- customer / supplier relationship management

- demand chain management

- e-logistics

- global supply networks

- inventory management in supply chains

- logistics and transportation systems

- modeling of supply chains

- multi-agent negotiations in supply chains

- supply chain design and performance evaluation

- supply chain dynamic formation

- supply chain management


(4) E-Business


- agent mediated auction mechanisms

- agent mediated bidding and negotiation

- agent-mediated e-commerce

- business rules in e-business

- authentication / privacy / security in e-business

- B2B, B2C, C2C models

- e-banking

- e-bidding and e-negotiation

- e-business design and developments

- e-business process modeling, integration, and monitoring

- e-business security, trust and privacy

- e-commerce

- e-commerce content management

- electronic data interchange

- e-marketing and e-advertising

- e-marketplaces

- e-payment

- e-taxation

- e-work

- global e-business

- mobile commerce


(5) Business Intelligence


- artificial neural networks / evolutionary computation in business

- data mining in business

- group decision systems in business

- information retrieval in business

- intelligent agents in business

- intelligent decision support systems in business

- knowledge based / expert systems in business

- knowledge management and ontology in business

- machine learning in business

- multi-linguistic user interfaces in business

- natural language processing in business

- particle swarm optimization / ant colony optimization in business

- corporate semantic web in business

- soft computing / fuzzy logic in business

- swarm / collective / social intelligence in business


(6) On-Demand Business


- adaptive business

- adaptive enterprises

- agile business

- agile enterprise

- business adaptation / evolution

- business process re-engineering

- emergent enterprise

- enterprise re-engineering

- holonic enterprise

- on-demand e-business

- utility computing

- service oriented computing

- re-configurable enterprises

- re-configurable / agile / holonic manufacturing system

- responsive business

- responsive enterprise

- self-configuration of enterprise systems

- self-organized production system

- self-organizing business

- self-organizing enterprises


(7) Information Infrastructures of Businesses


- complex event processing

- business rules and rule-based approaches

- distributed object systems

- e-business applications and integration

- electronic data interchange

- enterprise (distributed) computing

- enterprise applications interoperability

- enterprise applications integration

- enterprise collaborative computing

- corporate semantic web and business ontologies

- enterprise distributed intelligence

- enterprise Grid computing

- enterprise internet

- enterprise middleware

- enterprise portals

- enterprise service bus

- event-driven architectures

- enterprise service oriented architectures

- enterprise web services

- enterprise XML


Program Chair


Prof. Dr. Heinz Juergen Mueller

Angewandte Informatik

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

68163 Mannheim, GERMANY



International Program Committee